Five Best Ways Of Reaching An Orgasm

I know you have watched a movie with explicit scenes? You see how they make orgasm seem so easy. In actual sense, having an orgasm is not that easy. It involves so many factors for it to be achieved. This has made many women believe that they cannot have an orgasm or frustrate some men thinking that they are not good in bed as they think.

Research has it that some women find it easy to achieve an orgasm than others. For some, only a few seconds of pleasure, and they have an orgasm while others might have just one orgasm all their lifetime. Below are some of the best ways of reaching an orgasm:

1. Know your anatomy

When taking a shower, take your time and study your anatomy down there. Try and touch and feel your way inside. Try and search for the G-spot with your man. Realize what really triggers the naughty you. The G-spot is the area where all sexual pleasure in a woman comes from, but many never take their time to find it. If you really want to reach an orgasm, start by knowing the way to the G-spot. Let your partner also understand how to get there.

2. Communicate with your partner

Is he really so fast or too slow? Is he hitting it hard or softly? Talk to your partner. Most women are never open with their situation in bed. They will never gather the courage to tell the man what is making them feel good or more pleasure. They will only gather the courage to open up their frustration to their female friends. If you really want to reach an orgasm, talk to him, tell him to hit fast or slower; I mean how you like it. If you want him to go deeper and harder; let him know.

3. Foreplay

I know you have read or watched about foreplay. Longtime ago, sex was just about penetration. Today, people understand the meaning of sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction begins with foreplay. The kissing, the cuddling, the tickling, etc. All this warms up or prepares the female body.

We all know that women take a lot of time to internalize what is about to happen sexually. They take time to get wet for you. When a woman is wet, it means that the body is ready for penetration which is triggered by many activities such as watching porn or by foreplay. So always make sure your woman is ready sexually by taking as much time as possible on foreplay till you are sure that she is wet and yearning for it.

4. Remember the clit

The clit is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body. This means that a simple touch sends so many messages to the woman’s brain. Rub the clit while fucking her or lick her clit. These acts make the woman weak and more to the action. Some woman insists rubbing the clit themselves. Utilize this small organ and be sure you are on your way to achieving an orgasm.

5. Concentration

Women are creatures that are always imaging things. She might be in bed with you but thinking about that text, you hide from her. As a woman who is interested in having an orgasm, always concentrate in bed. Be in the act emotionally and physically. Enjoy each moment with your sexual partner. Research has shown that when the mind is actively involved, most women find it easy to reach an orgasm.

With the above ways, you will be able to enjoy sex and reach orgasm in your next sexual encounter. And if you really want to spice things up you could always hire a beautiful girl from Charlotte Action Escorts to join you for a threesome.