The special of about lingerie

He said that it always seems to be the best and many of the girl’s wear silk not any other material.

According to this guy, other escorts around London, such as Kings Cross escorts, tend to wear cheaper

lingerie. Well, the Agency decided to check this out. Is it true that the hot babes of London’s east End do

not wear such nice lingerie? Most escorts like to invest in good quality lingerie so we thought we would

have chat to a couple of girls from the East End if London.


Petrona has been working for Kings Cross escorts services of for the last couple of years. She says that she

is very surprised to hear the guy’s comments. Most of us girls here in the East End wear really nice

lingerie. Yes, some of it may come from online stores but we do sometimes buy silk and other nice

materials. But, that being said, I know of several Mayfair girls who buy their lingerie from cheaper stores

such as Ann Summers, not all girls in central London spend a fortune on their knickers.


Paula also works for Kings Cross escorts and she says that she buys some expensive and some cheap

lingerie. Marks and Spencer still do very nice lingerie, but these days, you can also pick up some nice

lingerie in Debenhams. Let’s face it, it is about how you wear it, not what you wear that makes you

interesting as an escort. I love my lingerie and I would rather have more than a few very expensive

pieces. None of the guys that I have dated, even the posh ones, have complained about my lingerie. If

they did, I think I would tell them to take me shopping, laughs Paula.


Finally, we are meeting up with Maureen. Maureen works as a dominatrix for Kings Cross escorts

services. She is a very tall lady so I would imagine her lingerie may be special to her. My lingerie comes

from a lot of fetish web sites, says Maureen. Obviously it is important that my lingerie fits in with what I

  1. However, I still like to get the balance right and occasion I will put on some pretty lingerie as well. It

is not all about leather and PVC in my world.


The fact is that most ladies, or escorts, like to keep a selection of lingerie for their husbands. Kings Cross

girls know that they have certain guys who may prefer a very special look so they dress accordingly.

Some guys might like date with a hot girl from the East End wearing a West Ham shirt and a pair of hold

up stockings. You should after all have different outfits that make your dates feel happy and

comfortable when they visit you. After all, most escorts are anxious to please and like to dress for their

guy’s special needs.